about the artist

Sondra Rose Hart is a Multidisciplinary Artist working to transform her personal experiences of living into tangible pieces of art through which each viewer is invited to a moment of connection. Hart employs a variety of media including painting, drawing, video, instillation, sculpture, and performance to offer her connections to the public. The importance of ephemerality, capture of the personalities of persons, places or things, and reverence for details are all part of Hart’s methods of storytelling.

A central theme in the work winds around the concept of the Ocean as a vehicle for sharing an experience of the sublime. A New England native, Hart grew up on the island of Nantucket and the rocky coast of Massachusetts. Recognition of the unique privilege of her history and the shock of moving to inland to attend Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA drove Hart to a dedication to Bring the Ocean to Pittsburgh. This ongoing effort to discover expressions of the sea aims to deliver opportunities to delight the viewer with tender offerings.

Through her varied works Hart is constantly striving to invite the viewer to share in her appreciation of moments, communications with nature and connections that can enrich our experience of the world. Artworks include plein air oil painting, pet portraiture, shape-of-a-personality portraiture, paper sculpture, powerpoint performace, abstract painting, and explorations of the lives of objects.

Sondra Rose Hart has a joint degree in Studio Art and Creative Writing  focusing on Painting, Drawing and Printmaking and Poetry.


screen shot/i'm feeling lucy

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