video & powerpoint works

Video Work

‘ant jazz’


‘practicing erre & a plastic bag’


‘carwash radiostar mixup’


‘wind reading’


‘wind reading, second edition’


PowerPoint Installation

Four PowerPoint Videos, narrated, seamed together, irreverent, detailed and story-based, give accounts of seemingly disconnected topics told with nostalgic detail from the artist’s life. Videos displayed on loop, linked by intermissions of an instrumental version of The Girl from Ipanema. This piece was shown as an installation in ‘I’m Feeling Lucky: Carnegie Mellon 2013 Senior Art Exhibition’, Miller Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA. PowerPoints were shown on a cathode ray tube television adorned with a varied collection of objects, suggesting a personal, whimsical, and eccentric presenter.

‘Massachusetts and Me’:



1. Mermaids (beginning)
2. Looking Back on Ack (8:00)
3. Massachusetts and Me (13:38)
4. Never Tease a Weasel (19:50)