sculpture & installation

‘Paper Creatures’

A series of sculptures, each constructed from a single piece of paper. My process for each sculpture involved cutting a large sheet from a roll of heavy drawing paper, approximately five foot square. I would lay the sheet on a mat on the floor, remove my shoes, and work out a shape of the curling sheet with a box-cutter. Through the process of cutting ribbons, holes, and curves, then tucking, mangling, and shaping the beasts, I created form that evoke the spirit of an abstract creature. This exploration grew out of an effort to ‘Bring the Ocean to Pittsburgh’, a series of art projects executed with the intention of recreating, identifying, and inspiring a connection to the Ocean for the people of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


anemone (detail)


crab (alternative view)





legs (detail)

legs (detail)


‘A Place to Come Together’

Plaster, paint, floral wire, paper, oil paint.

An installation piece displayed in ‘The Five Obstructions’ group show at The Frame Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA. This piece is derived from a large scale painting of the same subject (pictured below). Original concept proposed as an Earth Art piece to be installed in Tom Nevers, Nantucket, MA.


invitation (fall 2010)

invitation (detail)


a place to come together (oil on paper)

a place to come together, 60′ x 60′ oil on paper


‘Shell Gifts’

‘Shell Gifts’ were offered to fellow Carnegie Mellon classmates of a Time & Space Concept Studio as my contribution to our Immediatist Party. For this gathering each of us brought something that could be experienced ‘unmediated’ or with the least amount of mediation from the ‘original’ we could manage. For example, playing a song on an acoustic guitar versus on an electric guitar through an amplifier. Hearing the music from a CD playing through a speaker would be even more removed from the raw experience of live music. Hakim Bey expounds upon this concept in his group of essays that I invite you to read here.

In ‘Shell Gifts’ I offered each of the members of my class to choose a shell I had collected from beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, along with suggestions for use handwritten on a piece of vellum.

shell gifts

gifts for an immediatist party that occured on april 1st, 2009. each shell is accompanied by a paper with suggestions for use.