creative programming

‘One at a time’

An experimental clock created with Processing. Each character of poem is typed one second at a time. As letters, spaces, words, and sentences slowly accumulate on the screen, the viewer is prompted to be patient. As the poem slowly reveals and scrolls down the screen, words can be read out of line order. The entire piece lasts 35 minutes and may invite an alternative experience of time.

a 35 minute poem, one character every second


‘Feature Creature’

‘Feature Creature’ is an interactive paper sculpture powered by Arduino, Processing, and Twitter. Its’ white paper folds absorb the aura of the participant. Pressing Feature Creature’s sensor generates a fortune which is live tweeted to @touch_n_tell. Fortunes of past recipients can be found on Feature Creature’s page.


‘Pittsburgh Gulls’

A group of color changing seagulls find themselves inland in the city of Pittsburgh.  Lead them around airways and parking lots for a little while before they fly off.


‘Painting with Gulls’

Use your mouse to create a composition with seagulls as a drawing tool. Spacebar to clear the parkinglot.