the ocean in pittsburgh


Capture of an exploration of pet-store chains selling aquatic life, as an aspect of the presence of the Ocean in Pittsburgh.


chalk, graphite, colored pencil, marker on paper; 2011



Living lobsters are not red.


link, marker on paper; 2011



The movements of the sea.


collage on paper; 2011


‘Catch Hanging’

hang020 (3)

graphite, colored pencil, marker on paper; 2011


“Mark of a Good Pittsburgh Bar’

the sandwich bar027 (2)

graphite on paper; 2011



lawlessville022 (3)

graphite, colored pencil, marker, vellum, painter’s tape on paper; 2011

lawlessville023 (2)

layer lifted


‘Sea Level’

sea level024 (2)

graphite, colored pencil, marker, vellum on paper; 2011

sea level025 (2)

first layer detail



‘Wave Pittsburgh’

A long-term shell distribution project in Pittsburgh, PA.

Shells and rocks collected from coastal Massachusetts are individually placed in public places in Pittsburgh neighborhoods. One round of shells has been placed around on a walk from Cypress St in Bloomfield, through Shadyside, up Negley Hill into Squirrel Hill. A second round of shells, some hand-painted, were placed in the snow, around Flagstaff Hill, Schenley Park.

This project is ongoing and is carried out on foot. Shells will appear across the burrows of the city, with the implication that waves have carried these sea specimens inland, and the hope that discoveries of these treasures will bring curiosity and joy to Pittsburghers.




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purple mussel in dead twist stick

purple mussel in dead twist stick